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Living in United Kingdom

The United Kingdom offers many attractions, which makes studying abroad and living in the UK more interesting.

The British people are friendly and peaceful.

There are beautiful sceneries, historical buildings, world-class musicals and concerts, latest fashion designs plus all the modern conveniences.

There are many Pathway programmes, specially designed to help international students; from English enhancement to Foundation programmes, which articulate into Bachelor Degree programmes.

The general quality of tertiary education in the UK is comparatively high. The average total cost for study and living in the UK is approximately British Pound 25,000 a year.

Studying with Bellerbys College

Educational Link is the authorized representative in Singapore for Bellerbys College.

Our service to you is free of charge.

We will provide you with the following service:

  • verification & certification of your original documents
  • information & advice on how what & when to prepare the application process
  • information & advice regarding costs and programme selection
  • guidance on the student-visa application process
  • pre-departure preparation briefing


About Bellerbys College

Bellerbys College is a values-driven institution which offers excellent programmes of study sustained by teaching and research of the highest quality. 

3 Locations: 

Bellerbys College Brighton
Bellerbys College Cambridge
Bellerbys College London

Bellerbys College strives to help you achieve your full potential by a providing a safe, secure and supportive learning environment. The best possible guidance and advice is offered for you to choose the best university for your future. From the experience of past Bellerybys students, many go on to study at Oxford, Cambridge and other Russell Group universities.

Their university liaison officers prepare you to succeed through their in-depth knowledge of every UK university and close links with senior staff at all of the leading UK universities. This would allow you to make the best choice for yourself moving forward, giving the best possible assistance with your application.

Bellerbys also offers opportunities for students to build their social responsibility through their involvement in global social action projects. An example is Building Futures, launched by their parent company, Study Group in 2005. The charity has since raised over one million US dollars for children from developing countries. The charity has since raised over one million US dollars for children from developing countries.

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