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Living in Ireland

Ireland is a dynamic, lively, modern country, with a young population.
The population of Ireland is approximately 4.5 million.

Ireland has two national languages – Gaelic and English.
English is the primary language spoken in Ireland, but Irish or Gaelige is present in everyday life and can be seen and heard across the country.
Public transport stations, announcements and major road signs will have destinations in both English and Irish.

Ireland’s cities are bustling cosmopolitan areas offering a mix of cuisines, nationalities and cultures, and the country is well accustomed to foreigners.
They pride themselves on their generosity and hospitality.

Having the chance to study abroad in Ireland is usually a once in a lifetime experience for any students.

Studying in University of College Dublin

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UNIVERSITY COLLEGE DUBLIN (UCD) was established in 1854.

UCD is Ireland’s largest university with over 25,000 students of which over 5,000 are international (from 122 countries)

UCD is ranked in the top 1% World Universities per 2012 QS Rankings

Location in Dublin city, Ireland’s capital – Ireland was voted the friendliest country in the world in 2010!

Largest urban campus in Europe – a safe, modern campus with 24 hour security offers extensive accommodation options and cutting-edge sports and campus facilities

The role of UCD within Irish higher education is underscored by the fact that UCD alone accounts for over 30% of international students, over 25% of all postgraduate students and almost 28% of all doctoral enrolments across the seven Irish universities.

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