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Living in United Kingdom

The United Kingdom offers many attractions, which makes studying abroad and living in the UK more interesting.

The British people are friendly and peaceful.

There are beautiful sceneries, historical buildings, world-class musicals and concerts, latest fashion designs plus all the modern conveniences.

There are many Pathway programmes, specially designed to help international students; from English enhancement to Foundation programmes, which articulate into Bachelor Degree programmes.

The general quality of tertiary education in the UK is comparatively high. The average total cost for study and living in the UK is approximately British Pound 25,000 a year.

Studying in Queen Ethelburga’s College

Educational Link is the authorized representative in Singapore for Queen Ethelburga’s College.

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  • information & advice regarding costs and programme selection
  • guidance on the student-visa application process
  • pre-departure preparation briefing


About Queen Ethelburga’s College

Queen Ethelburga’s College is a values-driven institution which offers excellent programmes of study sustained by teaching and research of the highest quality.

Queen Ethelburga’s College offers students opportunities to pursue their interests and aspirations. They have four schools, Junior School till Middle School, and High School programme. All of which have their own individual heads and staff teams, that are small enough to maintain a family atmosphere. This allows staff to know and bond with their students to guide them through each stage of their crucial formative years.

The building of strong and cohesive relationships between teachers and students, and amongst students themselves are key to having a good education. Both their College and Faculty members are established to be amongst the top in the country, with their exceptional results proof of their methodology.

They focus on to supporting their students in developing into mature young adults. Queen Ethelburga’s College wishes their students to be confident without being arrogant, friendly but not familiar, relaxed but not casual while having the courage to live by sound moral and social values.

Parents are closely worked with to keep them informed of their child’s progress to allow them to be there every step of their education journey. This would be particularly important to the student’s success and happiness.

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