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Living in United States

There is nothing better than living and studying abroad in the United States with regards to its reach and overall influence on pop culture. It does not matter what state you go to, there is so much to do for students and you are going to love it.

Quality Education

University in the United States has often set the standards for education at a higher level. Most students find the appeal of getting high-quality education from the brightest minds in the world as well worth the effort and travel.

Consistency In Language

Now, this is often overlooked but is a benefit you are going to get in all states. You are not going to have to dabble with another language and have to learn this as well.
You will have regular consistency and that is hard to beat especially when the language is English. You are going to be able to speak it wherever you go in the nation.


The beauty of the United States is you are always going to find restaurants associated with your own culture around the corner.

Students always have a place to go when they want to connect with their roots again. The United States is built on diversity and it shows.

It is truly one of the finest places to live and study.

Studying with Suffolk University, Boston

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About Suffolk University, Boston

An educational institution immersed in a city that is rich in both culture and progress, Suffolk University brings the best immersive learning environment for its students. The most conducive location is provided for students to excel in their future careers and lives through granting them the best opportunities, access, and experience possible. 

An extensive range of programs for undergraduate, graduate and law degree levels allows students to experience and prepare for real-world situations. Suffolk University also takes pride in providing Accessibility to all prospective students that allows them to learn according to various possible paths. Namely through part-time and evening classes or towards providing certificates cater for working professionals and online based cirriculums. In order to create the best learning experience possible, classes are kept small to facilitate the student’s learning and allow them to build stronger mentor relationships throughout their learning journey. 

College of Arts & Sciences

Suffolk University’s College of Arts & Sciences offers a vast array of courses across the arts, humanities, social sciences, mathematics, and natural sciences.


Equip yourself with the right knowledge, insight, and experience to make vital contributions to your chosen careers, and attain your own personal goals.

Sawyer Business School

Immerse yourself in life-changing internships, build up career connections and networks all with Fortune 500 companies. Our campus makes the most of our highly advantageous location situated in the city’s financial center, bringing you innovation that enhances the classroom experience.


A range of Undergraduate and Graduate level business programs are on offer. Courses are available in full time, part time, online, Saturday and summer based curriculums. The small class sizes allow more focused teachings by professors that can more effectively educate through their own experiences and knowledgable expertise.

Suffolk University Law School

Suffolk Law graduates have impacted in industries such as business, education, and finance throughout society.  Suffolk Law grooms leaders in state and federal government; they are general counsel of global companies; they are judges, prosecutors, and criminal defense lawyers; and they make a social impact through a wide range of other public interest and public service careers.


Within the top 20 Ranked in legal skill practice throughout the country, Suffolk Law is the only institution to do so for 3 consecutive years. A formidable achievement in excelling in clinics, dispute resolution, legal writing, and trial advocacy. As recently as 2018, Suffolk Law has also ranked as the top law school in the nation in legal technology. Suffolk provides the right skills and attributes for students to excel in future undertakings and aspirations.

Suffolk University, Madrid Campus

A unique combination of American Academics immersed within a breathtaking European backdrop, Suffolk University’s Madrid campus thrusts students to a highly diverse environment with unique ethnicities of over 150 students from around the globe.

A highly immersive learning experience is provided by the uniquely their smaller and focused class numbers, that is headed by distinguished and esteemed faculty. This provides a learning philosophy which revolves each student’s needs that ensure each receives the best support and right guidance to achieve their academic aspirations and beyond.

Numerous courses and extracurricular activities are available and open for students to partake through the neighboring Universidad CEU Sao Paolo, one of Spain’s highly recognized private education institutions.

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