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Living in Switzerland

Students who want to experience life in a new way and there is nothing more aesthetically pleasing than Switzerland.

Switzerland as a land of education is not built upon the shoulders of its natural beauty.
It is one of the finest places to gain an education and most students feel it ranks right up there with the best of the best.

Living and studying in Switzerland should not be assumed as an ‘easy’ way out because it is not. The education system is one of the world’s finest and is going to deliver when it comes to helping you progress as a student and as an intellectual heading into the future with regards to your career and aspirations.

You are going to absolutely adore the location during your stay and that alone is going to make it easier to study.
You are going to love going around and seeing what the Imbiersity in Switerland has to offer.

University of Ulster awards high quality Bachelor Of Science Degree to HTMi. 

During 2006 and 2007 the University of Ulster was audited by the UK Government’s Quality Assurance Agency and passed with commendations at the highest level. The Senate of the University approved the Department of Hotel, Tourism and Leisure to change its undergraduate degrees from BA (Honours) to the BSc (Honours).

Following this, HTMi underwent another inspection and audit by the Pro-Vice Chancellor of the University, Professor Denise McAllister, together with senior academics from that university and others. They announced that due to the very high student pass rate, the quality of work, excellent staff support for those students doing the degree and the confidence held in HTMI’s future ability, HTMi has been awarded the degree,

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in International Hotel and Tourism Management.

This can now be conferred on students at HTMi and will be run twice per year.

HTMi’s 10-year Anniversary Celebration and Future Plans

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