University of Hull, UK

Living in United Kingdom

The United Kingdom offers many attractions, which makes studying abroad and living in the UK more interesting.

The British people are friendly and peaceful.

There are beautiful sceneries, historical buildings, world-class musicals and concerts, latest fashion designs plus all the modern conveniences.

There are many Pathway programmes, especially designed to help international students; from English enhancement to Foundation programmes, which articulate into Bachelor Degree programmes.

The general quality of tertiary education in the UK is comparatively high. The average total cost for study and living in the UK is approximately British Pound 25,000 a year.

Studying in University of Hull, UK

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Proud to be England’s 14th oldest university, Our 90 year rich history has saw our students achieve academic excellence throughout the decades and beyond. The University of Hull strongly believes in inspiring and bringing education to everyone around.

This strongly parallels our motto of “Lampada Ferens“, which means “carrying the light of learning”, something we have practiced with thousands around the world through the creation and inspriring of life-changing research.

The University of Hull has active partnerships with more than 100 universities across the world, including America, Europe and Asia. We will guide and support you throughout the process – from researching your destination to returning to Hull and turning your incredible experiences into a career.

In collaboration with over 100 active partnerships with universities all over the globe, the University of Hull provides guidance for all students throughout their learning journey. With the rich experiences gathered with our partner universities and our guiding hand, this wonderful combination would build the best platform in preparation for future careers and aspirations.

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