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Hofstra University

Living in United States

There is nothing better than living and studying abroad in the United States with regards to its reach and overall influence on pop culture. It does not matter what state you go to, there is so much to do for students and you are going to love it.

Quality Education

University in the United States has often set the standards for education at a higher level. Most students find the appeal of getting high-quality education from the brightest minds in the world as well worth the effort and travel.

Consistency In Language

Now, this is often overlooked but is a benefit you are going to get in all states. You are not going to have to dabble with another language and have to learn this as well.
You will have regular consistency and that is hard to beat especially when the language is English. You are going to be able to speak it wherever you go in the nation.


The beauty of the United States is you are always going to find restaurants associated with your own culture around the corner.

Students always have a place to go when they want to connect with their roots again. The United States is built on diversity and it shows.

It is truly one of the finest places to live and study.

Studying in Hofstra University

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Hofstra University brings together a team of devoted faculty with smaller class sizes, all within a stunning campus infrastructure. Hofstra University is at a prime location to introduce opportunities aplenty for all. The ideal 13 to 1 student-faculty ratio creates the best environment to maximise learning.

Hofstra University is well-equipped with a multitude of 160 undergraduate and 165 graduate programs, ranging from Liberal Arts and Sciences, Business, Communication, Education, Health Sciences and Human Services, Engineering and Applied Science and Honors studies, as well as a School of Law and School of Medicine. Find the best curriculum to take your education to the next step.

At Hofstra, the excellent library is filled with extensive online and print collections to supplement your learning journey. This is not including he state-of-the-art classrooms, learning and laboratory facilities, coupled with extensive wired and wireless Internet access, while boasting the only Internet2 connection among private colleges on Long Island.

A wide range of recreational activities enhances the cultural, social and athletic experience in the university. An amazing 240-acre campus awaits on Long Island, where students are offered the finest living space with easy access to the academic, cultural and career opportunities in the New York City metropolitan area.

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