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Living in Australia

Study In Australia
Each year, about 200,000 international students from all over the world study abroad in Australia and this number is growing. Why is this so?

Quality Education
Australia offers first class education courses at schools and Universities. Courses are provided by highly qualified academic staff in facilities/campuses, which incorporate the latest technology. All courses and academic staff are accredited by the Australian Government.

Education & Living Cost
With the exception of Medicine, for most courses the tuition fee plus living cost is approximately A$45,000 per year.

Safe Place, Friendly People
Australia is a vibrant, multi-cultural and modern country.

Australians are friendly and tolerant of people who come from other cultural and racial backgrounds. 20% of Australia’s population of 20 million are from Asia.

Lifestyle & Climate
Australians enjoy being outdoors, socialising around a barbeque or participating in sport. Australia is known as a great sporting nation but Australians also make box office films, produce popular music,International entertainers, modern art,drama and literary works.

Working Opportunities
Australia allows international students to work up to 20 hours per week, enabling students to experience working in an overseas country and to earn extra money at the same time.

Studying in The University of Sydney

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They also offer the widest range of academic programs of any university in Australia, giving the students that study in the University of Sydney a strong foundation through a diverse selection of academic programs.

The faculty and staff all promote the development of leading thinkers, to pave the way for solutions to complex global issues impacting upon our health, environment, technology and culture.

As part of their research efforts, those studying in the University of Sydney have been steadily working on the creating of cleaner fuels, faster internet, treatment of chronic illness and more sustainable ways of living. The University of Sydney boasts over 300,000 alumni spread across 170 countries. Currently, their student body consists of over 60,000 students with 7500 staff from across 130+ nationalities. The unique curriculum at the University of Sydney also allows 300 exchange opportunities in over 40 countries.

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